Chai Tea Concentrate

Recently, I’ve been on a chai tea latte kick. It all started when I learned how to make a London Fog (or something very similar) at home….and since then, I’ve been drinking less coffee and more tea lattes. However, the problem with store-bought chai tea concentrate is the massive amount of sugar in it. (And, it’s fairly expensive.) I’m talking 15-25 grams of sugar for … Continue reading Chai Tea Concentrate

Super easy lentil/bean soup!

This weekend, I made some absolutely amazing food (which, of course, I’m not going to post because I didn’t take pictures..) The problem with that is that my food that was supposed to last a week was eaten over the course of the 3-day weekend, and Monday evening rolled around with only one meal of food left. Can you think of a better time for … Continue reading Super easy lentil/bean soup!

Another Variation on Tikki Masala

This one, I kind of invented as I was making it. I knew the basic ingredients, but I didn’t know how much I was going to use or how it would turn out. I’m happy to report that, despite making an emergency store run for tomato paste halfway through, it was a success! Note that I made my own garam masala because it is SO … Continue reading Another Variation on Tikki Masala

Two Delicious Garbanzo Beans Recipes

This week, I’m basically living on garbanzo beans. I wasn’t originally planning on posting the second one, but it was way, way too good not to. Thus why there aren’t a lot of pictures.. I’ve also been working on cleaning up my eating, so the nutrition facts are temporarily back. Over my winter break, instead of studying for the GRE more like I should’ve been, … Continue reading Two Delicious Garbanzo Beans Recipes