My Battle with the Gingersnap Recipe

This recipe and I have a history. Last year (and this year too), I helped a good friend from high school make these cookies. Their family isn’t big into baking, so they tend to make cookies only once a year. But that once a year…they make a LOT. These cookies are truly one of my favorites, so I got the recipe from her. They refer … Continue reading My Battle with the Gingersnap Recipe

Cranberry Cherry Sweet Rolls

This is a recipe that I actually made way back over thanksgiving break…so about a month ago now. It was AMAZING, and I plan on making it again. There’s not a whole lot to say about it, so we’ll get straight into the recipe. I found this recipe in the Better Homes and Garden Magazine (see below) and, as usual, modified it a bit. My … Continue reading Cranberry Cherry Sweet Rolls

Cranberry apple sweet potato bake

Last year around this time, I tried sweet potatoes for the first time. I know sweet potatoes are a staple in some Thanksgiving dinners, but I had never had one before (I think my mom might be anti-sweet potato but I’m not sure..). The oven in our apartment was broken for a few weeks earlier this fall. Since then, I’ve been meaning to make an … Continue reading Cranberry apple sweet potato bake