Mushroom and Chicken Tetrazzini

Another post of a recipe from one of the cookbooks my mother let me borrow….This one is from the William’s Sonoma Mayo Clinic Cookbook. In case you’re wondering, my roommate and I are currently sharing meals (usually we would do our own groceries and such) so that we can try as many of these recipes as possible before school starts/I have to give back the … Continue reading Mushroom and Chicken Tetrazzini

Fettucine with Cranberry Beans and Pesto

It’s been a while since I posted. And by a while…I mean a very very long while. What can I say? Life happens. Boyfriends cook food for you. Spring Break. Finals. Etc. The important thing is that I’m back in business, at least for now. So, a brief summary: I moved into a new house. Not an apartment, a house. With new roommates, a jungle … Continue reading Fettucine with Cranberry Beans and Pesto

Chai Tea Concentrate

Recently, I’ve been on a chai tea latte kick. It all started when I learned how to make a London Fog (or something very similar) at home….and since then, I’ve been drinking less coffee and more tea lattes. However, the problem with store-bought chai tea concentrate is the massive amount of sugar in it. (And, it’s fairly expensive.) I’m talking 15-25 grams of sugar for … Continue reading Chai Tea Concentrate

Super easy lentil/bean soup!

This weekend, I made some absolutely amazing food (which, of course, I’m not going to post because I didn’t take pictures..) The problem with that is that my food that was supposed to last a week was eaten over the course of the 3-day weekend, and Monday evening rolled around with only one meal of food left. Can you think of a better time for … Continue reading Super easy lentil/bean soup!

Overnight Oats-with Spinach!

This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time now. Here’s the idea: we put spinach in smoothies and it ends up tasting good…so why not use it in overnight oats? I realize the idea of spinach in oatmeal sounds disgusting…but it turned out great! I’m definitely planning on making this again. Over…and over…and over. The only complaint I have about it … Continue reading Overnight Oats-with Spinach!

“Fried Couscous” aka couscous with cabbage

This recipe originated from a need to get rid of a giant head of cabbage (really, aren’t all cabbage heads seemingly never-ending?) without making anything too complicated. I looked around a bit and found several recipes resembling fried rice. Now, I did have rice in my cupboard….but I didn’t particularly want to take the time to cook it. (It was around nine pm, and I … Continue reading “Fried Couscous” aka couscous with cabbage