Three cheese chicken lasagna

As finals week approaches, it becomes harder and harder to eat healthy. With that in mind, my goal for the week’s food was “semi-healthy comfort/stress food”. Beans and rice weren’t quite going to make the cut.

After I thought about it a little more, my grocery list looked something like this:

Milk (a key staple in my diet)

V8 juice (I like to have something to sip on while studying)

Tofu dessert (I’ve never tried these, but now seems like as good of a time as any)

Ramen (the classic college food…I rarely eat it)

Peace teas (an alternative drink/source of caffeine)

Carrots (for snacking while studying)

Ingredients for three cheese chicken lasagna (my chosen comfort food dinner)

Three cheese chicken lasagna is a recipe my mom makes. I think it started out as an actual recipe from a cookbook, but over the years we’ve modified it so much it’s more of a “throw some things together and bake it” kind of thing. The title is somewhat misleading, as it no longer contains three kinds of cheese or lasagna. This is the kind of recipe that you can modify to death, and it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

1 small tub of cottage cheese (I use fat free)

1 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese

10 mushrooms

3 cups of whole wheat pasta (I used rotini)

1 bag of spinach

2 cans of chicken (yes, I buy canned chicken-I hate dealing with raw meat.)

1. Cook the pasta according to the directions.

2. Slice and sautée the mushrooms in about 1 tablespoon of olive oil

3. Cook the spinach: put it in a pan and cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes or until done.

4. Mix everything together in a large bowl

5. Pour into a 9 x 9 pan (it should just barely fit). Cook at 375 for 30 minutes

Note: this recipe is very imprecise. Like I mentioned before, it’s basically just a couple of ingredients thrown together.

In the past, I’ve also tried using soft tofu in the place of chicken. It worked pretty well

The kind of cheese used is not particularly important. In the past I’ve used Italian blend, Swiss, or mozzarella.

It could be good to try adding bread crumbs to the top.

Sometimes I add garlic or onion or Italian seasoning to it-it turns out good.

So basically, this “recipe” is simple and super easy to modify. Have fun with it!




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